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Freelance Statistician and Data Analyst | Sana Shafaqat

Find out if freelance statistician and data analyst, Sana Shafaqat, is the right fit for your next project.

Data Science Services Offered

As a data analytics specialist, I help my clients make informed decisions so they can cut costs and drive profits more efficiently.

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What I Can Do for You


Application of Statistical Methods​

Statistics has an extensive range of applications in engineering, marketing, and more. Ask me how we can create a creative solution for your business.


Data Analysis Skills

I can analyze your data for you and help you understand key trends in your industry so you can take charge of your business strategy.



I use this statistical computing platform to analyze billions of data points fast so that you can make smarter decisions based on your ideal customer’s past habits.



Need help with coding? I am an expert in Python and other coding languages and can help you develop robust software that makes your company run more efficiently.

Data Analysis


By presenting your data in an intuitive dashboard format, you’ll be able to find what you need within seconds so you can use it more efficiently.



I can also create visual infographics to share with your team during presentations or in reports. This makes it easier to illustrate the results of your research and show your team what needs to be accomplished.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data analytics allows you to predict trends and customer behavior so you can make more impactful decisions. This can help you reduce marketing and advertising costs while increasing your bottom line.


Coaching Projects​

Need help training your team? I offer data analysis coaching so you can set your employees up for success and improve the way data is managed at your organization.